The Event Post #6: A little piece of Dim Sum heart at Chung Ying Central

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A few weeks ago, a few local bloggers and I were invited down to Chung Ying Central to celebrate the launch of their new Dim Sung Menu. I am a big food lover but I had never actually tried Dim Sung so I was super excited to spend the evening trying out some new cuisine!

After getting a little bit lost on Colmore Row, Natalie from Beauty Baking and Babbling and I arrived at Chung Ying Central to find a table filled with lovely Birmingham Bloggers already tucking into some very snazzy looking oriental style cocktails!

It would be rude not to join them, so I took a seat and swiftly ordered one of the Zodiac cocktails. Luckily for me, my year of birth, ‘The Sheep’ sounded delicious described as “a sweet, long gin based drink modelled on the British countryside with a blackberry and mint garnish” – it was gorgeous and went down far too quickly!

Then it was time for the main event and James Wong, the owner, and his team started bringing out a host of delicious looking dishes for us to try.

We were treated to a whole range of Dim Sung delights including Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Cuttlefish Cake, Beef and Ginger Dumplings, Deep Fried Baby Octopus and Chicken feet in Black Bean Sauce! (You have to try everything once right?!). One of my favorites of the evening (after a very enthusiastic recommendation from Chloe at Gastronomic Gorman!) were the Char Sui buns. They were fluffy and delicious with some mouth watering sticky Char Sui pork in the centre!

Some of the Dim Sum I couldn’t try as I am allergic to seafood, but the others assured me that the dishes I couldn’t sample were just as delicious – and strangely James was allergic to sea food too! The food was gorgeous, tasted incredibly fresh with amazing flavour and had a really authentic feel, it was also a great menu for me as I don’t eat massive portions but love the chance to try a whole range of different foods – perfecto!

After we were filled to the brim with yummy Dim Sung, Chloe and I got the chance to catch up James. He told us the cutest story about how Dim Sum was said to have originated. According to an ancient Chinese love story, the Emperor used to bestow lavish feasts upon his beloved, however she began to get concerned that she was getting a little bit too podgy! The emperor then ordered his chefs to create tiny but still delicious dishes to keep her happy and he presented them to her as little pieces of his heart (which is, in fact, the English translation of dim sum!). It was such a nice way to finish off the evening having a really nice chat with James and hearing about how he came to own Chung Ying Central. I always think a big part of the experience of eating in a restaurant is the service and James was as helpful, friendly and charismatic as they come, which really topped off the evening!

I will definitely be heading back to Chung Ying Central soon to make my way through some more of the menu and since my boyfriend is a big Chinese food lover and has just got a new job on Colmore Row I suppose I will be taking him with me!

Have you ever tried Dim Sum?

Charlotte x
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