The Lifestyle Post #3: Sunday Savespiration

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Going to Thailand has seriously given me the travel bug, so badly that I even brought the Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014 book while we were waiting in the airport for our flight home! With that in mind, it didn't take me long to plan my saving mission for the next trip...or should I say trips (whoops). To save for Thailand I set up a standing order every week from my Bank account and it worked so well because even at times when I thought I was really broke the money was still building up, because it just came out automatically. This time around however, I wanted to do something else to give me a little bit of extra inspiration to save. Enter my Savespiration jar (see what I did there)...

Nothing gives you inspiration like seeing your goals in glitter! The glass jar was from BHS Home (my new favourite place) and was a complete steal at only £5! Then to make the words I stuck on the individual glitter letters from a sheet I found at The Range. Now all my lose change will have a new home in this pretty jar to boost my savings that little bit more - not to mention it looks super cute on my Ikea Unit. 

Have you got any handy tips for saving? Happy Sunday!

Charlotte x
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  1. This is such a pretty idea! The standing order is a brilliant way to save as well, never thought of that before!

    Nell at And Nell Writes

  2. Ooooh, I'm going to Thailand pretty soon, I'm going to Phuket, where did you go? If you have any tips let me know!

    If New York isn't a good reason to get saving, then what is, thats one of my dream destinations!

    Please come check out my latest post
    if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird



  3. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts3 March 2014 at 11:30

    Thank you! Yeah it definitely works, so give it a go! x

  4. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts3 March 2014 at 11:33

    We travelled round for three weeks so we went to Bangkok, Chang Mai, Khao Sok, Phuket and Phi Phi lslands. I have written a post on it here so you should check it out and I also put together a few travel tips here before I went so they might come in handy :) x