The Wishlist Post #2

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1. £12 Topshop
In the past year I have become a complete hat convert and I now own a whopping 2 different hats (I went crazy I know). This one has the potential to be number 3.
2. £22.99 New Look 
There is something so cute about this little leather backpack - very traditional english schoolgirlesque! 
3. £5 Topshop
My Barry M Top coat just isn't cutting the mustard anymore, so this gel effect polish from Topshop is next on my agenda.
4. £38 River Island
Winter is all about pastels - and this fluffy cardigan is the perfect way to stay cosy and on trend too.
5. £40.85 Ebay
This was my all time favourite show as a kid and I nearly died when I saw you could get the whole boxset online - goodbye Sundays, hello Salem.
6. £17.25 Etsy
I promise I won't have a Harry Potter themed sweatshirt on every wishlist...maybe.
7. £11 Etsy
I love changing up my phone cases, and this satisfies my ever growing sugar skull addiction.
8. £18 Boohoo
After seeing this smock dress over on Georgina's blog, I had to add it to my wishlist, the perfect daytime dress!

What's on your wishlist?

Charlotte x
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  1. Great wish list, I love the boohoo dress x

  2. I love this wishlist! Everything I own is either from etsy, ebay or boohoo :') I love that sweater - I've just bought a hogwarts acceptance letter for my secret santa! Oooh and every Sunday should be a Sabrina marathon day xo

  3. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts20 November 2013 at 19:49

    Thanks! I love it too, would look so cute with some tights and ankle boots! x

  4. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts20 November 2013 at 19:54

    The Hogwarts acceptance letters are the besttttt! Did you get it from wizarding wares? I love that site! And it definitely should, sounds like the perfect Sunday x

  5. I love the wishlist! The Hogwarts jumper looks amazing need to get it! haha x

    Great Post! :D

  6. Ooh I've recently been watching back episodes of Sabrina on YouTube! Perfect way to laze a way an evening or two!

    Nell at And Nell Writes

  7. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts11 December 2013 at 13:17

    haha definitely! I love the Harvey and Sabrina romance! x