Top 5 places to see the sunset in Bali

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Sunset In Bali

If there is one thing I am a sucker for - it's a sunset and Bali is known for having plenty of beautiful places where you can watch the sun disappear behind the horizon. Having just spent two weeks in Bali, drinking my fair share of sundowners, I'm giving you five of my favourites spots to witness the sunset in Bali.

Sunset in Bali - Pura Luhur, Uluwatu

Pura Luhur, Uluwatu
Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Uluwatu temple is one of six temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars. It is also famous for its incredible location, perched right on the edge of a cliff some 70m above sea level. At 6pm every day, a traditional Kecak Fire Dance takes place in the temple with a breathtaking backdrop of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean - a great place to see the sun go down whilst also experiencing some Balinese culture. I would recommend arriving at the temple by about 4/4.30pm to allow you enough time to look round and get to the ampitheatre early enough to get an ocean facing seat for the best views.

Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak Sunset

Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak
One of Bali's most popular beach clubs, Potato Head, is found in Seminyak - known to be the fashion district of the island. This trendy spot has an infinity pool complete with a swim up bar right on the beach and also boasts a number of cosy day beds offering the ultimate place to chill out from day right through to evening. If you want to secure a day bed for one of the best sunsets in Bali, your best bet is to get there early and stay their for the day or you could do what we did and enjoy the sunset from the edge of the pool with a cocktail in hand and then grab a bed once all the day time guests have left.

Goya Boutique Hotel, Ubud Sunset in Bali

Goya Boutique Hotel, Ubud
Known for its waterfalls and rice paddies more than its sunsets, you might be surprised to find somewhere in Ubud on this list. However the Goya Boutique Hotel with its AMAZING infinity pool overlooking the jungle was one of my favourite sunsets of our whole trip. If you are heading to Ubud, it is well worth thinking about staying here - but if that doesn't fit into your trip you can still enjoy the view by booking a table at their restaurant for sunset, which is situated right next to the pool with the same stunning view.

Sunset In Bali, Suluban Beach, Uluwatu
©Marc Veraart

Suluban Beach, Uluwatu 
The second spot to be located in Uluwatu for witnessing a beautiful sunset in Bali is Suluban beach, a popular haunt for the area's surfer crowd. This hidden beach can only by reached by descending a steep flight of concrete steps and making your way through a series of mini caves but it's well worth the walk. Grab a few Bintangs from one of the local cafes on the journey down and take a seat on one of the protruding cliff faces to see the surfers catch the last of the day's waves as the sun goes down.

Teba Mega Cafe, Jimbaran Sunset View

Teba Mega Cafe, Jimbaran
Jimbaran Bay is renowned for its seafood restaurants that line the shore and is also renowned for being one of Bali's most popular sunset spots. Most tourists will flock to the north of the bay to the restaurants close to the fish market, however in my experience the seafood here was almost double the price and nowhere near as good as at Teba Mega Cafe found in the south of the bay near the Four Seasons Resort. Arrive at around 5/5.30pm to get the best table for sunset and be sure to order one of their platters to sample the best selection of seafood on offer.

What was your favourite spot to witness sunset in Bali? Are there any I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Best Spots for Sunset in Bali

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A 48 Hour Guide to Gothenburg

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Guide for when you visit Gothenburg

Before last year, I had never visited any of Scandinavia but after visiting Oslo in May, I decided to visit Gothenburg in October. 

Gothenburg found on Sweden's west coast, is known for it's dutch style canals and leafy boulevards and is home to plenty of parks and lots of coffee and cake! It's also one of those amazing cities that you can easily explore in just a couple of days - perfect for a weekend away that you don't need to take time off work for and in today's post I'm giving you my recommendations of how you could spend 48 hours visiting Gothenburg. (To see more of my favourite 48 hour cities, check out my post here)


To kick start your morning, hop on board one of the famous Paddan boats for a whistle stop tour of Gothenburg's canals. The hour long tours give you a great overview of the city from the water and will help you get your bearings for the rest of the weekend.

The Swedish have a tradition called fika, which basically means coffee, cake and chill and Gothenburg's Haga district is the perfect place to get your fika on. Head to Haga Nygata where wooden houses and cute cafes line the street and pay a visit to Cafe Husaren, where they serve amazing cinnamon rolls as big as your head!

Visit Gothenburg guide
Beatrice Törnros/Göteborg & Co
Visiting Gothenburg Guide

As long as you aren't stuffed with cake, for lunch pay a stop to Feskekôrka. This indoor fish and shellfish market is found inside a beautiful gothic church and is visited by many locals who hope to get their hands on the day's best catch. Wander round the market itself before stopping off at one of the restaurants inside - Gabriel is the most popular and most expensive but worth the price if you're a seafood lover.

Guide to visiting Gothenburg
Visiting Gothenburg for 48 hours
Tina Stafren/ Göteborg & Co

One unique thing about Gothenburg is it has a theme park right in the centre of the city. Liseberg is one of the most popular parks in the whole of Scandinavia with over 30 rides on offer as well as being home to a theatre, concert venue and its own beautiful gardens. Unless you are a theme park enthusiast, I wouldn't say you need a whole day here - but it's definitely worth spending a few hours. Visiting later in the day also means the queues for the popular rides are much shorter - meaning less time waiting and more time thrill seeking.

For an authentically Swedish dinner, head to Smaka for their meatballs with mash and lingon berries (I'm talking better than Ikea). This neighbourhood restaurant also serves up a whole host of other Swedish specialities in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Authentic Swedish Meatballs whilst in Gothenburg

After dinner, take a stroll to one of the cities rooftop bars. My favourites are the bar found at the top of Hotel Pigalle or Ciello, on top of Hotel Bellora - but for the best view of the city you can't beat Heaven 23, located inside the Gothia towers.


In true lazy morning style, start your Sunday with breakfast from Bar Foxx. This popular juice bar serves breakfast all day long (so it doesn't matter if you sleep in a little) and is renowned for it's freshly squeezed juices and tasty bagels.

Now you're fuelled up it's time to enjoy one of my favourite things about visiting Gothenberg - the cycling. Bikes are available to rent from plenty of spots around the city and the cycling lanes are some of the best I have seen. Take a ride around the leafy Slottskogen, which is the biggest of the city's many parks. You could easily lose a few hours just riding round this beautiful spot, but there are also plenty of activities such as a maze or a mini golf course if you want something extra to keep you entertained.

Cycling in Gothenburg
Steampipe Production Studio AB/ Göteborg & Co

Top of your trip with a visit to the Gothenburg Museum of Art to check out, what is said to be one of the finest art collections in Northern Europe. The Museum is home to many nordic artworks along with some western art including works by famous international artists like Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Louise Nevelson.

For an early dinner before your flight home a great place to try is Pinchos, a circus themed tapas style restaurant where everything is ordered through an app. But beware it is all in Swedish - so you might get a bit of a jackpot with your order if you don't have google translate to hand!

Pinchos Facebook

Have you ever had the chance to visit Gothenburg? What are your favourite things to do in the city?

For more information on things to do, see and eat when visiting Gothenburg check out the Gothenburg Tourism website

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48 Hours In Gothenburg

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5 Tips for handling a cancelled flight

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5 Tips For Handling A Cancelled Flight

In recent trips, we haven’t had the best of luck with flight delays and cancellations seeming to follow us around. A spell of bad luck has however meant, that we have become pros at how to handle any departure dramas, so I’ve put together my top tips for handling a cancelled flight and getting your hands on flight delay compensation you're entitled to. 

1.    Get ahead of the game
Whenever you are taking a flight, I would always advise checking in as early as possible. For most airlines this will be 24 hours before you fly, but in some cases, for example if you are part of a loyalty scheme, it could be even earlier. 
Not only does this mean you give yourself the chance of getting the best seats but it also means if there are any cancellations you will know about it first. We found out our flight was cancelled from Bali to Doha as it had disappeared from our schedule when we tried to check in from the hotel the day before – if we hadn’t we wouldn’t have found out until we got to the airport. The flight we actually took ended up being 9 hours later so by checking in (or trying to check in) earlier we saved ourself the hassle of having to wait around at the airport for all that time.

2.    Be mobile
If flight cancellations do arise and you are already at departures, all of the airlines' advice will be telling you to head to the customer advisor desks for assistance – where you will likely be met by a pretty lengthy que. 
A better option is to try and find a resolution using your phone. Some airlines, such as Easyjet will let you rebook cancelled flights straight from their app and if that’s not possible you are still better off calling up the customer service line and speaking to someone there as they will be able to help you much faster, plus you can do it sitting in a comfy coffee shop with a latte in hand.

3.    Check your insurance
In some cases the alternative flights the airline is offering you aren’t convenient for your schedule and although on occasion an airline is willing to put you on a flight with another carrier this is very rarely the case.
If this happens, it’s best to check the details of your insurance to know where you stand. When Easyjet cancelled our flight to Berlin on the 30th December, the only flights they were offering us were due to arrive post New Year’s Eve, which was the whole point we were going. So instead we accepted a full refund from Easyjet and booked another flight through Norweigan Air to Berlin for the early hours of the 31st. Our insurance then covered the difference between the refund and the new flight which we had to book. This won’t necessarily be the case with all insurers but it is always a good idea to get in touch with them to find out what they could offer.

4.    Be flexible
If there are lots of flights cancelled, for example in bad weather, this obviously means there will be lots of people trying to rebook, so being flexible will really help you get to your desired place as quickly as possible.
Offering to fly from other UK airports is always a good idea – as everyone will be trying to find other flights from the airport where the flight was originally cancelled. Why not take advantage of friends you have in other cities and book an early morning flight from there? When we were struggling to rebook cancelled flights from London for a few days due to fog – we instead booked flights early the next morning from Birmingham and stayed with my mum and dad, meaning we didn’t have the hassle of trying to claim back hotels.
It is also helpful if you can offer to take alternative routes, for example a route with an additional or alternative change to the one you were supposed to take.

5.    Get what you’re owed
Once your trip is done and you are back home, now is the time to worry about getting back any money you are owed. Under EU regulation (take advantage while you can!) you are entitled to a sum of £509 if your flight arrives at its destination over three hours late and even if you are flying outside of the EU – airlines are usually willing to offer some form of compensation if you have been significantly delayed.
Money Saving Expert’s website Resolver is a god send for taking the pain out of complaining, giving you a simple to use guide which tells you your rights for each airline and also handles the process of complaining for you.

Have you got any tips for how to handle cancelled flights? Or have you had a flight cancellation drama? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Tips For Cancelled Flights

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#PillowTalk: A Review of Slow Gili Air, Gili Islands Hotel

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SLow Gili Air, Gili Islands Hotel Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I have recently been away in Indonesia. We spent most of the trip exploring beautiful Bali but also managed to squeeze in a few days on the Gili Islands, which are a collection of three small islands found just off the coast of Lombok. I have got lots of posts planned about different aspects of the trip but first up is a review of the Gili Islands hotel we stayed at during our time on Gili Air, Slow Gili Air.

On the map
The island of Gili Air is tiny - as in you could walk around the whole thing in about an hour and a half - so nothing is very far from anywhere but Slow Gili Air, is based closer to the east side of the island. This is the slightly quieter side but is also where you can see the best sunsets! Slow can be found about 250m from the beach down a dusty track called Shady Lane.

Designed to reflect the chilled and tranquil feel of the island itself, Slow Gili Air is the perfect place to get a real sense of island life. Slow isn't just in the name - but also forms the whole concept of the villas which are designed to encourage people to slow down and take some time out from the constant hustle and bustle of modern day life. Earthy timbers, bamboo walls and soft white linens create a setting which brings you back to nature whilst still allowing you to enjoy a little luxury. 

Gili Air, Gili Island Hotel

Slow Gili Air is home to 10 villas, some two bedroom and some one bedroom, all of which are built with their own private swimming pool. As well as this, each villa has it's own kitchenette, terrace and coconut garden along with an outdoor bathroom. This was one of my personal highlights - there is something amazing about having a hot shower in the great outdoors! 
A huge, and very comfy, bed complete with a beautiful white canopy is the centre piece of the rooms and beach towels and wicker hats adorn the open plan wooden shelves to finish off the laid back island vibe.

Gili Island Hotel, Bedroom

Gili Air Hotel Review

Gili Island Hotel Review - Slow Gili Air

Slow Gili Air Island Hotel Review

Slow Gili Air - Sun Loungers

Slow Gili Air- Pool

Slow Gili Air Hotel - Pool

Wine and Dine
One thing you can't miss at Slow is the breakfast. Each day you can choose from a selection of super tasty dishes including The English, The Australian or The Gili Special which covers everything from full english to fruit pancakes with a generous helping of Nutella. Every morning this is brought to you in the villa at whatever time you choose along with their juice of the day (the mixed juice was delicious!) and a fresh cafetiere of coffee.

Later in the day they have a small but sufficient selection of snacks and main options that you can order and a selective cocktail list is also available. One thing to remember however, is that as they are a small boutique resort they haven't got the resources of a big hotel so it's best to plan in advance if you know you will be hungry as it can take a little while (order 3 cocktails at a time - that kind of thinking). 

If you really don't fancy moving all day there is also the option for the team to come and cook your own BBQ in your villa's garden.

Slow Gili Air Island Hotel Review - Food

Top Tips 
When you get to Slow Gili Air the team will give you their own annotated map of the island, with lots of hints and tips of where to go and highlighted places that they recommend including restaurants, bars and yoga studios. This is SO useful - we basically used it as our bible during our time on the island so make sure you pack that with you when you venture out. You can also hire bikes from the resort for just 70,000 IDR (roughly £4) for 24 hours - which is a great way to get around the main parts of the island. 

Slow Gili Air also partner with Gili Travel Agency who offer a whole host of fun things to do during your time on The Gilis so be sure to take advantage of some of the activities they have on offer. Our favourite was their private snorkel tour with local guide Madi. I am planning to do a separate post on that later on, but you can check out some of my Instagram pictures from our morning with Madi here.

Gili Air - Sea

Slow Spa
To complete their offering of ultimate relaxation, Slow Gili Air also have their onsite Slow Spa which offers a range of treatments including massages, facials and even beauty treatments. Steve and I tried out the Signature Slow Massage which was amazing - so good that Steve went back for another a couple of hours later! Although the massages are more expensive than others you can find on the island, the beautiful setting of the spa, the extra touches such as the welcome and leaving drinks and the personal service make it worth the cost and it is still super cheap compared to a western massage - working out at roughly £18 for an hour. 

Slow Gili Air - Spa

Slow Gili Air Hotel - Spa

Slow Gili Air Hotel Review - Spa

Last Word
Slow Gili Air is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy your own little bit of island bliss whilst still taking advantage of the things to do and see that Gili Air has to offer. The laid back vibe is also reflected in the team there who have a great balance of being on hand when you need them without intruding on your break. If you are looking for somewhere to really experience a taste of Gili life, this Gili Island hotel has it all. 

£££: From £170 RRP per night
Address: Shady Lane, Gili Air, Lombok

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Slow Gili Air, Gili Islands Hotel Review - main

*I received a complimentary stay in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own.

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